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Report on Feasibility of Atlantic States Offshore Wind Energy Puts Maine in the Limelight

December 2, 2010

A study by the National Wildlife Federation and dozens of other organizations was just released explaining the potential for offshore wind power along the Atlantic coast. The report concluded findings of Atlantic states wind development potential from Florida to Maine.

According to the report Maine remains a leader in the effort to pursue offshore wind power. State of Maine estimates which are backed up by NREL claim 150GW of generation capacity is possible within 50 nautical miles of the state’s coastline. The $20 billion expenditure necessary to develop 5 GW of deep-water wind off of Maine’s coast would generate about 16,700 new or retained jobs per year for 20 years.

Other Factors Helping Advance Offshore Wind for Maine:

– Legislation has been put into effect that sets a target of producing 5GW of electricity from offshore wind turbines by 2030.

– The Governor’s Ocean Energy Task Force is implemented into state law in addition to the creation of the joint state-federal task force implemented by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) as discussed in a previous blog entry.

– Creation of the Maine Wind Industry; a collaboration of businesses, academic institutions, and other non-profit institutions focused on developing the supply chain for all aspects of wind resource development in the state.

– Maine is already a leader in onshore wind development: 266 MW currently operating or being built with a goal of 2000 MW by 2015.

– A competitive bidding process began in September, 2010 with Maine Public Utilities Commission issuing Requests for Proposals for long-term contacting for deepwater offshore wind projects up to 25 MW or tidal energy up to 5MW. Requests for proposals are due May, 2011.

Overall there are many initiatives at the business, academic, state and federal level that is helping mobilize offshore wind energy in Maine as well as along the Atlantic Coast. You can find the full report just released on December 1st, here:

NWF-Offshore Wind in the Atlantic-Dec 2010

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