About OEI

The Ocean Energy Institute is a think-tank and venture capital fund founded in 2007 by Matthew R. Simmons aimed at addressing the challenges of U.S. offshore renewable energy.

“Oceans are the last energy frontier, yet we know so little about how to harness them. The Ocean Energy Institute’s mission is to quickly fill this knowledge void and let our oceans supply us the energy that fossil fuels have provided for the last hundred years.”

Matthew R. Simmons, Founder,
Ocean Energy Institute
January 2010

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 About the Ocean Energy Institute Blog
This blog is intended to serve as a resource for those interested in the advancement of offshore renewable energy and topics directly and indirectly influencing its progress. The focus will be broad, covering energy production of any kind obtained from the oceans, including, but not limited to, offshore wind, tidal, and wave energy.

One of the cornerstones of OEI’s vision is the systems perspective used to address the world’s energy needs of tomorrow:

“OEI approaches energy R&D and investment from a total systems point of view; not just generation, but usage, storage and transmission all together as an interdependent set of opportunities and the next driving force of the international economy.”

Just like an interdependent systems perspective is the focus of energy generation, this blog will attempt to cover topics directly and indirectly influencing ocean energy’s progress in the complicated and interdependent world of renewable and alternative energy options. Whether it is from an environmental, economic, or political perspective, the goal of this blog is to create a more informed, well-rounded perspective in the ever-changing world of alternative energy development.